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Wed Dec 14 18:37:49 EST 2011

Hi Francis,

Most speech engines, including Apple's, allow for accents (emphasis). They are just hard to implement and cause extra work for the user.

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On 15 dec 2011, at 00:29, Francis Nugent Dixon wrote:

> Hi from Beautiful Brittany.
> Michael wrote :
>> I'm not interested in the translations, just the quality of the French accent.
> Michael, it's the best French speech I have ever heard (I have 45 years of
> French, in France, under my belt !)
> However, computer speech is monotonous (great difficulty in placing tonic
> accents).
> I think the weather will change tomorrow
> i THINK the weather will change tomorrow
> i think the WEATHER will change tomorrow
> i think the weather will CHANGE tomorrow
> i think the weather will change TOMORROW
> Same sentence - at least five ways of saying it !
> And this is just the tonic accent in a complete word. When you have a
> multi-syllable word, placement of the tonic accent is capital.
> Take any three or four syllable word and say it with the tonic accent
> in the wrong place. Odds are that even an Englishman would say ......
> "I beg your pardon" !
> Although tonic accents are far less important to French speech, they do exist !
> However, forgetting the tonic accent, the FRENCH accent on this site is damned good !
> -Francis
> "Nothing should ever be done for the first time !"

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