characters lost pasting from Word To LiveCode field

Sieg Lindstrom sl at
Wed Dec 14 16:14:18 EST 2011

Might work. Any idea if WordLib handles OSX Word 2004? I'm using that
version until I'm forced not to because I have use scores of Word macros I'd
have to recreate with AppleScript if I were to upgrade. Can't quite fathom
why Microsoft decided to make macros in Word for the Mac incompatible with
Windows Word versions.


On 12/14/11 11:49 AM, Curry Kenworthy wrote:

>> Bottom line: Microsoft does not play well with Livecode's clipboard. Other
>> apps are fine.
> Why not use WordLib? Sounds like an ideal scenario for it.
> Current release is ANSI but next release (almost there) has very
> accurate Unicode! Tested with many languages.
> Curry K.
> -- 
> WordLib: Import MS Word and OpenOffice documents

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