characters lost pasting from Word To LiveCode field

Sieg Lindstrom sl at
Tue Dec 13 20:13:45 EST 2011

Thanks Bob & Mark. Bob's fix sounds like the ticket. As to whether I'd blame
Microsoft or RunRev, my first inclination is to blame Microsoft. However,
this is the third time I've had to retool for different handling of
characters like the em dash over several updates of RunRev/LiveCode, always
pasted from the same version of Word.

At one time the em dash (and there are other characters with similar
problems) pasted into RunRev as chartonum 20 followed by chartonum 32. Then
in a later RunRev update it came in as the reverse, chartonum 32 followed by
chartonum 20. Now it disappears entirely on paste.

I'd also note that an em dash pasted from Open Office appears when you paste
it into a field but then if you manipulate that text with a handler and put
it back into the field, it "shows" as an invisible chartonum 21 followed by
chartonum 32.

The clipboard conversions have been inconsistent over time. Thanks.


On 12/13/11 4:27 PM, Mark Powell wrote:

> Hi Sieg
> I have lot of fields that I have to handle like this and have found that a
> pasteKey handler in the field serves my purposes.  It first does
> put the clipboardData["text"] into tTemp
> followed by various filtering and replacement, followed by
> put tTemp into me
> Which of course replaces the field with what you are pasting.  If you want to
> append or insert, then a different put is needed.

On 12/13/11 4:27 PM, Bob Sneidar wrote:

> Pasting from Office applications has been discussed in length in prior
> threads, but the gist of it is, Microsoft maintains their own internal
> clipboard to facilitate pasting between their dissimilar applications, so that
> a range of cells copied from a spreadsheet can be pasted into a word document
> as an active link or a table object etc.
> When you paste in another non-Microsoft app, MS does a clipboard conversion to
> make it compatible with the receiving app. I believe you are discovering some
> of the limitations to that.
> Now I just copied an emdash, switched to Livecode, and then entered put
> chartonum(the clipboardData) into the message box and got blank. I then copied
> the emdash from Word, pasted it into a rich text textedit document, copied it
> again, then issued the same command.
> In the first instance I got empty. In the second I got 209. That tells me that
> Word is performing a clipboard conversion for Livecode that kills the
> character. The clipboard conversion for textedit works just fine.
> Whose fault is it do you ask? Beats the heck out of me! Pick a number from
> Runrev to Microsoft. 

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