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Scott Rossi scott at
Mon Dec 12 22:56:13 EST 2011

Hi Peter:

It sounds like you have content *playing* while a visual effect takes place?
I'm not sure how reliable a player is during a visual effect but if it's
working for you...

No great suggestions come to mind, but a couple of things you could try:

- Set the currentTime of the player to the currentTime of the player after
the visual effect is finished; perhaps that could cause the player to redraw
without changing its current position.

- If your stack is not moved around the desktop too much by the user, you
could put the player in a separate frameless palette window that overlaps
your main stack, so visual effects can occur in the main stack without
interrupting the player.

If you're locking the entire screen, I think setting the alwaysBuffer of the
player is not an option since doing so will treat the player as an object in
the stack and likely lock playback while the visual effect takes place.

Maybe someone else can offer another suggestion.


Scott Rossi
Creative Director
Tactile Media, UX Design

Recently, Peter Bogdanoff wrote:

> Hi,
> Suggestions to redraw the screen after I show a new card with a visual effect?
> I have a QuickTime audio controller that is showing, and I want to remain
> showing when I go to another card. The controller disappears after a wipe
> visual effect and then sort of comes back as the play head moves. Kind of
> ugly.
> Thanks!
> Peter Bogdanoff
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