sort by length of line (Weird)

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I wanted a text sort. I see that LC resolves the length function as a number, the length of the line in question loaded into the local variable each. So a word with 10 chars is sorted before a word with 9 chars.

It is the loading of "each" that makes this correct, and sensible. Mark, you will agree if you think about it. It isn't a matter of LC being friendly, as I so glibly suggested.

Sorting numeric fixes the misunderstanding. I see, more and more, that this is proper behavior for LC, given the strict syntax of the function.

I'm OK with it.


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It is doing just that, only it's doing a text sort of the numbers:

He wants a NUMERIC sort of the numbers. Hence sort myVar numeric by the length 
of each

On Dec 12, 2011, at 11:56 AM, Mark Wieder wrote:

> OK - that's just weird. I see what's going on, but what I'd expect is what (I
> think) Craig expects - that I'd get a list of the strings sorted by their
> character lengths.

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