sort by length of line (Weird)

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I'm with you, Mark, but the formal syntax is self consistent. It just is not as friendly as it might be.

It should have been a clue when I wrote two other lists, they worked fine. This list came from a small project I was working on, and we can all see now that, depending on the words, you might get a good sort without realizing that pure luck was involved. My two test lists were that lucky. 

But I understand that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, even a lot of a little knowledge.


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OK - that's just weird. I see what's going on, but what I'd expect is what (I
think) Craig expects - that I'd get a list of the strings sorted by their
character lengths.

Is there *any* use case in which you'd want strings sorted by the alphabetic
representations of their lengths? I can't think of any.

To my mind, the "length" modifier should automatically force a numeric sort.

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