When to release a free Android app? (development cycle)

Roger Eller roger.e.eller at sealedair.com
Sat Dec 10 14:59:05 EST 2011

On Sat, Dec 10, 2011 at 7:00 AM, Andrew Henshaw wrote:

> Thanks again for the details Ben,  ive been through them and...
> - The softbar on the Kindle Fire
> I hope ive fixed this issue,  its difficult to tell without a real device
> but ive tested on the honeycomb emulator which is similar as it has soft
> buttons and it seems to work.
> The problem however is that on most of my phones the working screenrect is
> returned as exactly the same as the screenrect,  even though there may be a
> top statusbar showing.  On the honeycomb emulator and from your Fire
> details it looks like they are returning the real working screen area so
> this might be something Runrev want to look into to make sure the real
> working screenrect is returned for every device.
> - The rotation
> Ive added portrait upside down to the list of supported orientations, and
> now on half my devices it now rotates,  on the others its fixed.  Id guess
> that is probably an Android thing!  Hopefully on the Fire it will now
> rotate!
> - The icon
> The larger icon is apparently delivered by Amazon for apps through their
> store (114px),  and any apps that are 'side loaded' to use their terms cant
> have the larger icon,  so thats a no go,  but its not a bug or something
> livecode can fix,  its just an Amazon thing.
> - The refresh
> Not much I can do about this one either without a physical tablet,  it
> sounds like an engine issue though as I have no code doing anything at that
> point.
> Ive also added code in to try to have some basic support for 800x600 and
> 1280x800 tablets.  Its pretty nasty as they really should have the iPad
> tablet style interface but as I cant see a way in the store to prevent the
> app listing for tablets and phones it would need to work on most tablets
> before I could release it,  so ive fixed that.
> Thanks again for the feedback,  it really is appreciated!
> Andy

I tried your app on my Viewsonic g-Tablet 10.1" running Honeycomb 3.01 in a
1024x600 display.  The default orientation is portrait with hardware
buttons at the bottom, and rotating the tablet 180 also works.  I use my
tablet in a dock most of the time, and 10" tablets feel odd to me in
portrait orientation, so landscape would be nice.  Everything worked
including your menu, activated from the new hardware button control (Thanks
RunRev!).  Scrolling was fairly smooth.  The only slowness was when it goes
into an expanded search for food items.  I like the app and it looks very
professional, plus it made me start thinking about improving my diet.  So,
good job!

Question:  When I setup my profile, I enter my height, then when you go to
weight, there is a pre-selected weight.  Am I to assume that this is the
'ideal' for my height, or do you simply have a default chosen?


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