Applescript for getting data from a spreadsheet

Bob Sneidar bobs at
Fri Dec 9 19:03:07 EST 2011

> 8-)
> The Excel documentation has numerous traps. Sometimes the syntax is
> natural and sometimes... surnatural. ;-)
> Try:
> open workbook workbook file name "DHCP Clients.xlsx"
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> -Zryip TheSlug- wish you the best! 8)

I get: error "Microsoft Excel got an error: Can’t continue open workbook." number -1708

By the way I know the path is correct. 

I tried with the full path:
open workbook workbook file name "/Volumes/data/LogosAdmin/TechData/Tech Documents/DHCP Clients.xlsx"

I tried the short name:
open workbook workbook file name"DHCP Clients.xlsx"

I tried setting the default path:
set default file path to "/Volumes/data/LogosAdmin/TechData/Tech Documents/"
open workbook workbook file name "DHCP Clients.xlsx"

Thanks for trying zryip. This has reminded me why after great hopes that Applescript could replace Hypercard (in some sense), why I was driven to despair and went looking for some kind of hypercard-like software. That was when I found Revolution/Livecode. Applescripters are at the mercy of the people in the software developers employ concerning how they implement their dictionary, and how they document it. Places where enumeration makes all the sense in the world, you might find they didn't implement it. Places where a simple argument like the full path to a file, as in "open workbook" simple does not work like that, and there is NOTHING but NOTHING in the way of developer documentation to explain how the hell they want you to do things! That is insanity waiting to happen, and I am already crazy so there is no new ground to cover here. 

By the way, I know the path is correct. I copy/pasted it from the Get Info window. 


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