Applescript for getting data from a spreadsheet

Bob Sneidar bobs at
Fri Dec 9 17:32:13 EST 2011

Ok now my problem is I am trying to open the file via Applescript. The dictionary says:
open workbook v : Opens a workbook.

Hence this appleScript:
tell application "Microsoft Excel"
	set the default file path to "Volumes/data/LogosAdmin/TechData/Tech Documents/"
	open workbook "DHCP Clients.xlsx"
	copy range range "B:E" of sheet "DHCP Clients.xls" of workbook "DHCP Clients.xlsx"
end tell

It stops at open workbook "DHCP Clients.xlsx":
error "Microsoft Excel got an error: \"DHCP Clients.xlsx\" doesn’t understand the open workbook message." number -1708 from "DHCP Clients.xlsx"

I feel like an ignorant putz, but shouldn't I be able to open a frickin workbook like this?? With Applescript I feel like if I type two spaces where it expected one the computer will shut down and never restart again just to punish me for being such an imbecile. 


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