Mark Schonewille m.schonewille at
Fri Dec 9 14:22:25 EST 2011

Hi Craig,

filter "abcdef" with "c" gives empty because abcdef is not c
filter "abcdef" with "*c*" returns abcdef because abcdef contains c.

Filter affects lines, not chars. If you want to remove all c chars in abcdef then you need to use the replace command:

replace "c" with "x" in "abcdef"
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On 9 dec 2011, at 20:15, dunbarx at wrote:

> What am I doing wrong? If I have:
> on mouseup
>   put "abcdef" into temp
>   filter temp with "c"
>   put temp
> end mouseup
> I get empty. I don't need more empty.
> Craig Newman

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