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Graham Samuel livfoss at
Fri Dec 9 06:39:59 EST 2011

Hi Mark

I am sure that would be a very fine way of doing it, but I have to ask myself whether it would be quicker for me to implement a picker in LiveCode (where I feel comfortable, and where at least some of the logic would be useful on other platforms) or learn AppleScript and Automator and then attach the result to a LiveCode program (way out of my comfort zone, but of course much more educational for me). I don't normally use AppleScript, and the last time I tried, I found it looked a lot like LiveCode but actually so different in detail that the whole experience was very frustrating… anyway thanks for the suggestion and I'll see if I've got the moral energy to proceed.


On Thu, 8 Dec 2011 19:26:23 +0100, Mark Schonewille <m.schonewille at> wrote:
> Hi Graham,
> Why emulate it? Use AppleScript/Automator to use the real one.
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> On 8 dec 2011, at 19:19, Graham Samuel wrote:
>> I wonder has anyone used LiveCode to emulate a media picker for the Mac platform such as Apple uses for Pages etc.? In its simplest form it is a browser for the iPhoto library, showing indexing and thumbnails for the pictures - OK, it does audio and movies too, but I'm most interested in the picture library. My idea is to use it as a tool in some kinds of LC development work, rather than exporting particular pictures from iPhoto before using / placing them. Shouldn't be impossible, but I don't want to reinvent it if it's been done.
>> Graham

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