connecting to MySQL database thru SSH tunnel

Sieg Lindstrom sl at
Thu Dec 8 16:37:26 EST 2011

Thanks, Bob. I have to confess that I'm not well educated in networking. I'm
a regular guy who uses livecode to facilitate tasks I perform at work.

Here's a wikipedia article (yeah, know its limitations as a reference
source) that includes an explanation of SSH tunneling.

We're beefing up security on our server and I'm told my app will now need to
talk to the relevant MySQL database on the server thru this protocol,
assuming livecode is up to the task. Are SSH tunneling and VPN synonymous?
I'm not sure. The article above says this: "Tunneling protocols may use data
encryption to transport insecure payload protocols over a public network
(such as the Internet), thereby providing VPN functionality."

Thanks for the tip on the useSSL argument. If anyone has had direct
experience with livecode client apps and SSH tunneling, I'd appreciate any


On 12/8/11 8:40 AM, Bob Sneidar wrote:

> Help says:
> Syntax:    
> revOpenDatabase("mysql",host[:port], databaseName,
> [userName],[password],[useSSL], [socket], [timeout], [autoReconnect])
> Notice the new useSSL argument? All you have to do now is determine if the
> host accepts SSL connections, and if so, on what port. I am not sure what you
> mean by an ssh tunnel. Are you talking about a VPN?
> Bob

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