When to release a free Android app? (development cycle)

Andrew Henshaw henshaw at me.com
Thu Dec 8 16:20:40 EST 2011

Yes,  ive just not designed it for the tablet size yet.  I used MobGUI for all the android layouts,  so its a case of dragging the controls around as I want them for each screen size.  It sounds a pain, but its actually very quick and seems quite reliable where scaling,  especially if it involves resizing images seems to really slow the engine down.

I could just manually scale up the larger phone displays in the short term,  but id prefer to make more use of the screen resolution by porting a version of the iPad interface over as many screens can be merged to make use of the extra screen area and it would all work much better.

It all takes time though, and I have to get back on with the day job so it might be a Christmas project,  im just wondering if it matters too much that tablet sizes are not in the initial release.

As I dont have a android tablet,  Im not sure how the app store works,  is there a way to specify which devices are supported,  or do you find some apps just dont support tablets resolutions,  or does everything else just work???


On 8 Dec 2011, at 19:43, J. Landman Gay wrote:

> On 12/8/11 11:25 AM, Andrew Henshaw wrote:
>> Ive been working on a port of an iOS app I wrote earlier in the year
>> to see if for me and my level of programming skills,  the Android
>> part of Livecode is up to the job.  Ive got an app working now,  but
>> only on phones,  not tablets yet.
> Why won't it work on tablets? Is it just the resizing issue?
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