Creating an Undo palette

Scott Rossi scott at
Thu Dec 8 16:13:55 EST 2011

But isn't this is only an issue if the stack is saved?  Don't IDs start
numbering themselves from the last saved state of the stack?  Assuming your
data isn't saved in the stack with the data grid, it doesn't seem like ID
numbers would be an issue (unless I'm missing something).


Scott Rossi
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Recently, Richard Gaskin wrote:

>> I'm puzzled by Ken's remark about running out of IDs.  What is the upper
>> limit to the number of IDs?
> About 2 billion, which seems like a lot but think about:
> Suppose you create and delete and recreate complex objects like a
> dataGrid, each of which contains hundreds of objects.  Do that several
> thousand times, and consider the life of the document.    If it's in use
> for a few years, the possibility of reaching the ID limit is no longer
> merely theoretical.

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