When to release a free Android app? (development cycle)

Andrew Henshaw henshaw at me.com
Thu Dec 8 12:25:06 EST 2011

Ive been working on a port of an iOS app I wrote earlier in the year to see if for me and my level of programming skills,  the Android part of Livecode is up to the job.  Ive got an app working now,  but only on phones,  not tablets yet.  

Its slightly less functional that the iOS version as there are some things missing from the toolkit like sockets,  keyboard notifications,  native pickers etc,  but ive worked round the lack of pickers for now so the app is functional and useable,  just missing a few bits like sync and just a few native style controls,  hopefully they will come later.

My question is really at what stage would you release an app to the Android store?  Does it need to have tablet support from the start or should I work on getting a more native look and feel if its possible?  I think Ive probably pushed Livecode on Android as far as my skills allow at the moment. 

Ive uploaded an apk of the app via if anyone has a phone and wants to try it (it will only work on a phone - not a tablet!).  It uses Johns new MOBGUI scrollers and buttons a lot so it shows what they can do in my hands :)  Again,  im sure others could do better,  but its at...


Really the question would you release it,  or wait for Livecode to mature a bit on Android?

It will be a free app as ive no idea how to monetize it,  and without money development will be stopping very soon as it will just be an exercise in what is possible,  rather than something that pays a few bills!  With the iOS version I can give away 100s a day,  but put a price on it and nobody wants it so Im, guessing the Android app will be the same.   

Any thoughts would be welcome!!!


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