Answer dialog not showing in Windows 7 ???

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Wed Dec 7 07:25:13 EST 2011

Thanks for the information, Nicolas!


Keith "Boo" L.

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Hello Boo (?),

In the "General" tab of the "Standalone Application Settings" for your
standalone ("Launcher.exe"), click the radio button "Select inclusions
for the standalone application" and then check "Answer Dialog".

I think what's happening is that, because there is no "answer" command
anywhere in your standalone, the standalone-builder isn't including

Following that logic, another way around this is to include an
"answer" command in your standalone. In a hidden button, for example.

By the way, from similar past experience I've learnt to be careful
about relying on LC's icons for buttons. If the button with a
particular icon is not in the standalone, that icon will not show on
other stacks.


Nicolas Cueto

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