Image Cropping Tool for Livecode

Chipp Walters chipp at
Mon Dec 5 12:24:36 EST 2011

I think the issue isn't really whether or not someone will accidently use a
feature, but more along the lines of having the engine assume behaviors we
don't know of, or can't override in some way or another.

My friend and fellow LC'er, Jerry Daniels, is now working in RB. He needs
to as it has an embedded browser object which 'just works.' Discussions
with him over the experience is most interesting. RB forces certain ways of
working-- and doesn't 'allow' one to roll their own controls without
significant outside development-- something which LC has been able to do
for years.

I appreciate the basic nature of the engine and don't have a problem
building tools to allow one to crop or resize images rather than have it
embedded. As Jan and Ken do, I typically write my own using browse mode-- a
bit more difficult, but there you have complete control.

Sivakatirswami, I'll take a peek and see what crop code I may have lying
around. Most of it is embedded in much larger image editing types of

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