How to duplicate a stack and its substacks?

Andre.Bisseret Andre.Bisseret at
Tue Sep 28 11:23:22 EDT 2010

Sorry Richmond (and Craig); I should have specify that I would like to  
duplicate my stack and its substacks by script.
What I want is a button where the user clicks to create a stack (and  
its substacks) for a new year.

Thank you much Richmond for your attention


Le 28 sept. 10 à 17:11, Richmond a écrit :

> On 09/28/2010 05:37 PM, Andre.Bisseret wrote:
>> Bonjour,
>> I thought it was simple but I am fighting with that for a couple of  
>> hours ;-((
>> I have a stack with several substacks. I want to duplicate the  
>> whole thing, changing only the name of the stack (without changing  
>> the names of its substacks).
>> Say, I have a stack "Accounts 2010" and want to get a stack  
>> "Accounts 2011" with the same substacks.
>> Knowing that if I clone the main stack I don't get the substacks,  
>> is there a mean to get the whole at the same time?
>> Any hint appreciated
>> Best regards from Grenoble
>> André
>> P.S. I tend to be exasperated by the message "A stack with the same  
>> name as the one you are trying to load is already open what to you  
>> want to do etc. etc. etc." gggrrrr ;-))
> Quit / Exit RunRev / LiveCode and then make a copy of the stack-file  
> just the same as
> you make a copy of any file; rename it.
> Done.
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