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Fri Sep 24 22:28:23 EDT 2010

Printing and fonts are the big deals.  I haven't encountered the slowness in
tables, and have never used ODBC.  I would check all displays to make sure
the fonts fit at different size displays, check revPrintField to make sure
it works (it does not for me), check print card, which used to print at
different sizes depending on the resolution of the display, so that it did
one thing on a 17 inch display and another on a 19 inch one.  It is probably
wise to restrict oneself to the fonts that come with all distributions.

Install the app itself in /opt, but dont put the data files there, they
should go in in /home/userx/myapp, and the preferences in

Also, check with kde as well as gnome.  And if they may use different
distributions, check with one debian derivative, one slackware derivative
and one Red Hat derivative.

The most accessible end user distributions for new users are Mandriva One
Gnome and PCLinuxOS, which comes with an intelligently done version of kde
and has the Mandriva control center.  If you want something smaller lighter
and faster, either Vector or Salix.  Still lighter, Puppy.   If you want
turnkey, sort of embedded system style, and totally minimalist, Slitaz.  If
you want minimalist userland in a full featured distro, use openbox or
fluxbox as the window manager in any distro.  You can get the effect of a
turnkey one app appliance that way if you arrange autostart.  

I have not found a distribution too minimalist for Rev to run on.
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