Scripts that are already running

wayne durden wdurden at
Fri Sep 24 15:24:08 EDT 2010

Hi Craig,

Perhaps it is in the semantics when you say "interrogate a running handler
somehow".  A running handler can document it's status by setting a global
variable.  Even if that handler has a repeat forever loop, if you have a
wait 1 millisecond with messages statement within the loop the effect on the
app is to allow other pending messages to execute which would include
another handler getting a send in time message and checking the global

Thus the other handler can "interrogate" the first to the extent that the
first is reporting its status in the global variable ...


> As for this thread. It still seems that people are thinking you can
> interrogate, from the outside, a running handler somehow. You can't. At
> least not
> that I have seen.
> Craig

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