Print Dialog Only Opens Once?

J. Landman Gay jacque at
Thu Sep 23 14:15:27 EDT 2010

On 9/23/10 12:14 AM, Scott Rossi wrote:
> Back with more print questions...
> After scripting "answer printer" on WindowsXP, I get the appropriate system
> print dialog, which I've followed with "answer the result" and then I exit
> to top, as I'm only checking results.  Once this routine has run, I can't
> open the printer dialog anymore with restarting (Rev 4).  When "answer
> printer" is called, the result is "unable to open dialog".
> I've tried setting the printerSettings to empty before calling "answer
> printer", but no change.
> Anything else I can do here?

I just tried it and can't reproduce the problem. This is all I have in 
my button script:

on mouseup
  answer printer
  put the result
end mouseup

I hit "Print" to close the dialog the first time through by mistake, 
after that I clicked "Cancel" each time. Not sure if that mattered.

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