Cloning a folder?

David Bovill david at
Thu Sep 23 09:46:16 EDT 2010

It seems that revCopyFolder does not return a value for the new folder it
creates - this is important when the destination folder already exists -
because it still creates a folder but with a new folder name that at least
on the Mac adds an integer value to the end of the name "ie ./folder 2"

Is there an easy way to script cloning a folder within the same enclosing
folder but giving it a new name? I want this to work cross platform. Any
help with the following general purpose handler?

command rev_CopyAndRename originalFolder, newFolder
>    -- work in progress
>    set the itemdelimiter to "/"
>    put newFolder into enclosingFolder
>    delete item -1 of enclosingFolder
>    revCopyFolder originalFolder, enclosingFolder
>    -- put it / the result into copiedFolder
>    rename folder copiedFolder to newFolder
> end rev_CopyAndRename

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