LiveCode in K-6 school environment

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  On 09/23/2010 09:58 AM, Scott Morrow wrote:
> Hello Monte,
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>> - Starting programming for older kids (9 or 10 year olds).
> It sounds like the age of children you are looking at may be a challenging group if writing code is the goal. I teach 8 and 9 year olds and my experience teaching them HyperCard (and last year, revMedia) is that (no matter how hard I wish it to be different) very few are developmentally ready to program.  A simple PowerPoint type interface and/or templates that they can customize is more appropriate with the kiddos I work with.  A few of the more gifted 9 year olds can get their head around variables and if-then branching but my experience (and the general consensus of folks I spoke to at a few RevCons) was that 10 or 11 year olds were usually better able to think at that level of abstraction...  On the other hand, it hasn't stopped me from exposing kids to scripting in order to see who gets a light in their eyes!  Let us know what you end up doing.  I'm certain I'm not alone in wanting to know what someone of your skill will end up contributing inside a school setting.

Now this is really very interesting.

I put some plastic cups on the table and move beans around them and call 
it a calculator.

The I set up an interface with buttons as per a standard Electronic 

and a few fields called "cup1", "cup2", "cup3", and so on on RevMedia.

Then get one kid to move beans around the cups and tell the kid at the 
computer things like:

"put the beans from cup1 and the beans from cup2 into cup3"


"take the same number of beans as are in cup1 out of cup2 and put them 
in cup3"

then the kids start writing code "under" the '+','-','/' and '*' buttons 
. . .

most of these kids are in the 7 - 10 range.

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