Invisible HTMLText Character?

James Hurley jhurley0305 at
Wed Sep 22 12:51:32 EDT 2010


Here is a thought.

Try this:

Create two narrow fields. The first field consists of one line of text  
that wraps into two lines in the field. (Perhaps a bullet and you want  
to indent the wrapped portion of the line.)

Run this script:

on mouseUp
    put "" into field 2
    wait 10 tick --So you can see the changes
    put the htmltext of field 1 into tHTMLtext
    --Find out where the lines break using the formattedText
    put the formattedtext  of field 1 into tText
    --The first line is the beginning of the bullet
    --The second line is to be indented.
    put line 2 of tText  into tString
    put the offset(tString, tHTMLtext) into tNum
    --Create nonbreaking spaces
    --If you use breaking spaces they are ignored by HTML
    --at the start of a line.
    repeat 4 times --More or less
       put " " after temp
    end repeat
    put temp before char tNum in tHTMLtext
    set the htmltext of field 2 to tHTMLtext
end mouseUp

The second line (the wrapped line) will be indented by 4 nonbreaking  
spaces beyond the first line.

There may be problems if there is formatting in the wrapped line.

My apologies to and the other respondents to this thread. Sorry, I  
haven't been paying attention.

Jim Hurley

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