tRev name change and site re-org

Jerry Daniels jerry.daniels at
Wed Sep 22 00:35:50 EDT 2010

tRev users,

Since Rev has changed its name to LiveCode, we have renamed tRev. We've been waiting in the wings with this.

The new name is...[drum roll]

   The remote-control object editor for LiveCode

Has a nice, new icon that looks like...a remote control!

You can download the new Remo from the tRev side via the download link on the right side of the pages. Please use this link or go to the site click the Downloads link on the right to get Remo there.

We're in the process of converting and moving tRev sales info to the Utilities/Remo section of the Alltiera/Rodeo sales site ( We're also rebranding and moving tRev support info to the Alltiera/Zendesk site ( 

We have oodles of tRev video that will need to be redone and tons of docs/posts that need some name changing. I'll post more on this here, as we finish with the move. Within the week, the old tRev site ( will be history.

The new Remo support site (under construction within Zendesk) will be much better for FAQs, reporting incidents and providing support in general.


Jerry Daniels

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