I feel betrayed

Boileau boileau.andre at uqam.ca
Tue Sep 21 15:39:31 EDT 2010

A little more than a year ago, I asked the following question to  
Runtime Revolution Support :

	Do you make some sort of commitment that revMedia will stay free  
beyond version 4 ?

I received the following answer (dated June 29, 2009) :

> We have no intention of charging for revMedia beyond 4.0. Barring  
> the unforeseen
> the intention is that it will remain permanently free. However, we  
> cannot give an
> absolute guarantee that this will be so.
> I think you could be reasonably confident that using the new free  
> revMedia in your
> courses was a good decision and as futureproof as anything can be in  
> this
> uncertain world.

Well this world is certainly uncertain !!!

André Boileau

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