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Sat Sep 18 07:36:29 EDT 2010

> Where the data of a datagrid are stored? In a custom property...

> I give you two alternatives:
> - store a data formatted for datagrids in a custom property of a
> stack, a card, an object, etc
> - store a data formatted for datagrids in a special object which
> display the data in a snap if you need it as parameters behind the
> scene and has is own API to manipulate your data easily: a datatagrid

What about the cost of all the object creation/manipulation that you don't need if you are just using it as data storage. 

> What will be your best choice?
> Andrew has made his choice, and I think that is far to be stupid.

I don't think either of us called it stupid. I'd like to understand why he, now you feel it's necessary. 

> If you are not convinced, I invite you to download the Step by Step
> N#2 tutorial I wrote about datagrids or join the open beta of the Data
> Grid Helper to download the plugin.
> The visible datagrids of those stacks are able to display different
> contents and data trees. How do you think I'm doing that with no
> database?
> Yes I'm using custom properties, the custom properties nested in the datagrids.

I downloaded your tutorial and I can't see where it says anything about the use of a hidden datagrid for data storage. I can imagine a very simple application being based around data storage in a visible datagrid but even then I would use custom property sets in an invisible stack saved in an appropriate place to get data to persist over multiple sessions. 


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