Slow launch times on Windows 7

wayne durden wdurden at
Fri Sep 17 16:12:03 EDT 2010

I am going to throw out one more time that I thought someone relatively
recently had said on one of the runrev lists that they had an app that was
taking a long time to launch and by updating the graphics driver the problem
vanished.   It seemed relatively unusual to me at the time that that could
make a difference.  I kind of expected that whoever it was might chime in by
now.  I tried finding this reference using "the google" but no luck there.
I thought it might be one of the Mark's or Malte but I guess not, and
perhaps I dreamed the whole thing.

Just throwing it out for what it is worth and because it seemed remotely
possibly linked to something that could be potentially fixed by a
reinstallation of the OS as was described as having been a solution in one
case on a Dell.

I know nothing about graphics drivers and have no idea how or what kind of
checks might happen on an app startup where graphics drivers could even
possible be germaine, and whether such an issue should demonstrate a scaling
issue based on the number of substacks as has been described...  Still
hoping whoever posted previously might catch sight of this and pipe up.
Unfortunately I think we are past the golden point of search retrieval now
and the quantity and quality of results isn't allowing me to find a
reference to that (possibly imagined) post.  Quite possibly it is a deja vu
or dream experience, but if you go so far as contemplate a complete OS
re-install you might try updating the graphics drivers first just on the off

Good luck!


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