Can Get Cookies From Home But Not While On Campus

Gregory Lypny gregory.lypny at
Fri Sep 17 13:13:27 EDT 2010

Hello everyone,

I've got the early stages of an On-Rev site working reasonably well,  
and in no small part with the patient and crystal clear advice of the  
Rev Internet gurus on this list.  Thank you.

Today, I've ran into what I hope is only a small glitch.  The site  
uses irev scripts that allows students to sign in and send me their  
work or participate in little experiments by submitting forms from the  
site.  The site identifies students by setting a cookie in their  
machines when they sign in.  Everything works fine when the student  
accesses the site from off campus, but when they are on campus, they  
cannot submit forms and are instead redirected to the site's sign-in  
page if they are using a Mac.  The only reason that a student would be  
redirected to the sign-in page would be when my authentication script,  
which compares the cookie name and value with what I have saved in a  
file on the server side, receives nothing when it tries to retrieve a  
cookie.  So, from home, I can sign in and submit forms as if I were a  
student, but from my office Mac on campus, I cannot.   I say that the  
problem may be limited to Macs because it does not happen when  
submitting forms from PCs in other offices or labs in my building.  My  
copy of Safari is up to date, and its settings are the same as those  
on my home machine.  Go figure.

Any thoughts?



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