Rev on two minimalist Linux distros

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Thu Sep 16 11:25:19 EDT 2010

Peter Alcibiades wrote:

> As for Ion, I do not think Rev should be made to work with all WMs.  I think
> it should be standards compliant, and if it is, it will work on all.

Sounds good in principle, but in practice have you ever try to run 
Google Earth with Compiz?

Sometimes "standards" take a while get standardized.

I like many things about Ion that are very interesting (inspiring for 
some Rev script editor/object browser ideas), but givens its, shall we 
say, "mixed" development history I can't help but wonder if it's really 
the best test case to use here: the author has since abandoned open 
source and Linux altogether, and no distro ships with it as its default 
choice (I don't think any even include it).  It's a nice work, but I'm 
not sure it's the best choice for testing "standards".

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