Rev on two minimalist Linux distros

Thierry th.douez at
Thu Sep 16 05:24:52 EDT 2010

Le 16 sept. 2010 à 09:22, Peter Alcibiades a écrit :

> I have finally fired up Rev Media 4.0 on two minimalist Linux distributions 
> as a start on the effort to discover whether the problems are really due to 
> not having all the necessary files installed, and whether they are due to 
> the mulifarious nature of Linux.

Hi Peter,

Interesting post.

I've been  working with mini-linux too since a while.

I've stopped working with Ubuntu for different reasons,
but let's put that way :

Few of my customers were not happy and after the first "Wouah", they
started complaining on differents things....

Otherwise, there is often a lot of misunderstanding on Linux around.

First, they all share the core linux, which is more or less the same on every distro.
Then we have these collection of distrib which can be seen as supermarkets where you can ship
a whole bunch of products in one go, but it's only tools/apps put on the top of the core linux.
This can be done with packages tools available on every distro,
and if they have different names, they all do the same jobs. And if you don't find a specific app
on your distro , then search it from another distro, convert the package , and install it....

> tinycore_3.1.iso

I've worked with it, but I wouldn't recommend it as a first choice,
because the main goal of this distro is to run it on RAM with no installation.
Sure you can install it on a hard disk but then you won't find so much support
or help on this topic.... By the way, the tc forum is a very friendly one.

> slitaz-3.0.iso 

This is my choice since a while.

I've been able to do fast installations, easily packaged for every customer.
And each time I'm doing a new job, I'm building my own tools to run installs
faster and with good qualities ( one is to not miss any specific parameters in
one of those dozens of config files ). I use Rev as a front-end for my install,
and for instance, on my Mac, I have a stack where I can design the whole desktop,
I mean a desktop background image, properties of windows, appareance of the menus,the panel, populating
menus,... and doing this too with the Login window ( slim ), and have French text everywhere
( well, true a 95% ) then via a ssh connection,
in one click do the  instal or update of a user with a specific environment,
and this takes less than a second, and more, even with old PCs with 128/256 Kb of RAM,
old disks, etc....

Until now, I've blocked my customers with only one desktop, then Rev runs almost allright.
( and nobody complains as they all were microsoft's users. )
Some glitch still, but I'm a RevStudio 4.0 user... waiting for the next release.... So far,
I'm not proposing apps made by Rev to my customers ( except few games for children as gifts ),
just use it as an administration tool, but that's already a good deal for me.

In my office, I'm running a PIV box with Slitaz and all the development tools I need.
And I use it as a backup server, a svn server and building rev externals with it, and
all this with 256 Mb of RAM.

And last, few weeks ago, I was buiding a Rev stack using one my external. All this in Slitaz.
Then I make a tar file, send it to a friend ( not a computer geek ) and he could play
with the stack and the external instantly on Ubuntu !

Well, another little story :)


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