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Thank you very much for the advice.  You really helped me as I was trying to
determine if there was a combination of geometry manager and programming to
accomplish this.  I will focus on the resizestack message and follow your
advice.  This seems a lot easier with your explanation.

Appreciate you taking the time to help me.  Much appreciated!


On Wed, Sep 15, 2010 at 9:46 PM, <DunbarX at> wrote:

> I have never used the geometry manager. This is supposed to do exactly what
> you asked.
> But it would be better to do it the old fashioned way, just to practice
> using Rev. Let's say that your text field is one quarter the height and
> three
> quarters the width of your stack. Trap the "resizeStack" message. Get the
> height and width of the new stack and set those properties of your field by
> scaling accordingly. Now do it with a custom property. Or yet another way.
> Simple and fun.
> If your field has a fixed topLeft, set that, too. If not, scale it in the
> same way.
> Read about the "resizeStack" message. There is, I have found, a message,
> property or function that seems to do exactly what you need to get a job
> done.
> This is because Rev has just about everything imaginable. The hard part is
> finding these goodies. You need to learn to do this, and pay special
> attention to the "see also" stuff when you attempt search. In this case,
> you might
> have tried "resize". That would lead you quickly to the right place. But
> even if you searched "stack" or "size", you still would have found the
> right
> message. This is an art, just like searching Google. You get good at it
> after
> a while.
> The alternative is to learn, and remember, the entire dictionary. Good
> luck.
> Craig Newman
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