[OT] revtalk.net

David Bovill david at vaudevillecourt.tv
Wed Sep 15 08:09:30 EDT 2010

Hee, hee - and I've got revtalk.org - was for a community owned project.
Lets see in RunRev get hold of any of the "live" domains - but I'd be up for
pooling these and taking forwards the community owned independent open
source project...

On 15 September 2010 11:42, Robert Mann <rman at free.fr> wrote:

> I got this domain name last year and will not make any use of it. So i
> wondered what could be done with it?? Any idea?
> ?? if runrev wants it.. i'll gladly transfer to them..
> ?? but could also be an opportunity to have a kind of common place, site..
> of a kind one does not know yet, sand box where various people could try
> out
> different approaches to better share experiences & knowledge.. !!??
> ?? could runrev provide a free common on-rev space, where a bunch of
> volunteers could put up some perhaps more innovative collaborative tools??
> Concentrate ressources (like the tentative to gather all plugins on a site,
> the revPlanets etc : each of these ressources would gain from being
> assembled, feeding a single rss feed) and provide a revServer kind of
> showroom ??
> well food for thoughts...

This has come up time and time again over the last 10 years, but RunRev have
yet to understand how to capitalise on this desire on behalf of the
community. They keep taking it "in-house" spending money on it and getting
very poor results - as can be seen by the user contributed notes, or the
various forums scattered around the place.

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