Grouping checkboxes with label fields

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Wed Sep 15 01:18:23 EDT 2010

--- On Tue, 9/14/10, Web Admin Himalayan Academy <katir at> wrote:
>  On 9/13/10 7:07 PM, J. Landman Gay wrote:
> > You can add a two-line label if you do it by script:
> > 
> >   set the label of btn 1 to "line one"
> &cr& "line 2"
> > 
> > Would that help? 
> I'm sure it would...I could have sworn I tried that and it
> did not work but today it does. Again, we have the old
> problem of not being able to easily tweak the look and
> feel.. the check box is aligned horizontally on center
> between the two lines.
> There is no way that I have found to change the label align
> of the 2 line label in relation to the check there
> a way?

The checkbox is always painted near the vertical middle of the button. You can always tweak the margins property o the button to move down the label so the first line matches the checkbox, but then you end up with a large button with loads of whitespace above that the user can still click on.
But then you can group the button to cut off the extraneous part at the top: group the button, set the group margins to 0, set its locklocation to true and then resize it to the actual top. Works great here.

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