OT: Waiting for DNS to update a new site.

Alex Tweedly alex at tweedly.net
Tue Sep 14 18:17:05 EDT 2010

Off-topic - but I could do with a favour.

I'm helping a friend develop a new web site, and although I created it a 
couple of days ago, it (apparently) isn't yet visible to her. I can't 
tell whether it's simply a DNS delay - just longer than I'm used to, or 
some other problem.

So could a few of you let me know whether or not you can reach 
(and if you can see it, any other comments are welcome; note the gallery 
and corbel photos are incomplete, but they will be there tomorrow ....)

And, to be slightly more general - anyone know of a service / website 
that will let you check DNS name visibility in a number of locations 
around the web ?  I tried the one at 
http://www.mob.net/~ted/tools/dns.php3 but wasn't convinced it is very 

-- Alex.

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