how to totally make Kevin's day

Richmond richmondmathewson at
Tue Sep 14 13:51:05 EDT 2010

  On 09/14/2010 08:31 PM, Jim Lambert wrote:
> Richard wrote:
>> t's more like the husband told her to use the credit card,
>> drove her to the mall, helped her pick out a dress, and only got mad
>> when she took it to the counter.
>  From now on, she should buy all her clothes at  ;)
> Couldn't resist.

So; who is going to design the Runtime Revolution fabric so that we can
ALL show our loyalty, on our chests, our bottoms, on our . . .  :)

Every single other product (including RunRev) has the boringly predictable
hoodies, tee-shirts and coffee mugs: Come on, I want to wear a RunRev
kilt! And I can just see Jacque sporting a frock in RunRev watered silk!

That would put Steve Jobs's turtle-neck sweaters in the shade for ever.

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