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Chipp Walters chipp at
Fri Sep 10 23:54:12 EDT 2010


It occurred to me today that Apple has actually pissed off (can I say that?)
both sides of developers now. Originally, there were the XCode devs and the
'others.' Of course XCoders didn't mind, and many were openly happy the
'others' were getting the boot. "More for ME," they chimed with knowing wink
and a smile. Many defended Apple by citing the protection of the platform's
integrity, first to market advantage, and lack of proper API support, etc..
They were on Apple's side fanning away.

Now, with the change, it seems like both sides would be disappointed. I know
as a frustrated developer BEFORE, I'm not any more of an Apple fan just
because they change their mind like a newborn changes diapers. Heck, their
fickleness cost me business.

But, what about all the poor Xcode developers and Apple apologists who
vigorously defended? I would think they might be a bit upset-- or at least
now think twice before jumping on any license grenade for Apple's sake

I guess what I'm saying here, is even if SJ likes the developers, I'm not at
all sure he's as loved as he once may have been.

On Thu, Sep 9, 2010 at 3:32 PM, J. Landman Gay <jacque at>wrote:

> When everything fell through this last spring, an ex-Apple employee told me
> he thought Apple would reverse its decision because, while the customers
> don't matter as much to Steve Jobs, the developers absolutely do. He
> predicted that developers would leave and Jobs would notice.

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