InstallGadget 2.0 Public Testing

Monte Goulding monte at
Wed Sep 8 18:30:39 EDT 2010

Hi David

> I have been using InstallGadget 1.0 for a long time and it has been astonishingly well behaved, despite the significant OS changes since it was developed.  
> InstallGadget 2.0 looks interesting.  Being rather lazy, I quite like the idea of Windows installers on Mac, without the hassle of fiddling about with my Windows Machines - but I have no other reason to use Winebottler - which effectively would be a 55MB helper app!

Yes, InstallGadget relies on a Windows executable to compile the Windows installer. I know it's annoying and if I can find another way I will but it's so nice to have the standalone builder just carry on and make your dmg and installer that I doubt you will regret the download.
> Took me just a few ticks to create a .DMG, which worked fine.  How do they do that thing with the big arrow pointing to an alias of the app folder?

You can do that with the plugin. To install the plugin click on the rev icon with the little puzzle piece on it. If you have a few versions of rev you use then open up the one you want to install into first. Unfortunately Apple changed the .DS_Store file format in Snow Leopard so unless you make these DMGs on Leopard they won't be backwards compatible.

> I suppose I should have sent this off list, but I think that Installgadget deserves a bit of unsolicited praise.


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