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Wed Sep 8 11:00:40 EDT 2010

Lynn Fredricks wrote:

> d_adp.php?p_faqid=1988&tag=StickyWin_1283912963975;vtWelcomeModal
> This link showed up on tidbits - very sad. Versiontracker was once the place
> you just had to submit your mac product to, to get the word out.

Very sad.  VersionTracker was by far the most efficient and effective 
place to post apps.

Such consolidation in markets sometimes has unexpected consequences:

When Starbucks started destroying the revenue of so many privately owned 
coffee houses, an unexpected side effect was the impact on the 
independent music scene.

When bands play at clubs, most of the audience are friends of the band 
who show up to hear their pals and leave as soon as they're off stage, 
so bands don't get many new fans in clubs.

But a lot of privately owned coffee houses host regular music events, 
and in those venues the audience is there to hang out for the scene more 
than the band, so those shops wound up playing a useful role in 
expanding the listener base for many small bands I know.

Now that so many such coffee houses have been displaced by Starbucks, a 
lot of good music when with them.

It's hard to say what the long-term implications of VersionTracker's 
demise will be.  But given their unparalleled excellence, it won't be 
good. may have the eyeballs, but it simply doesn't have 
anywhere near as good an infrastructure for developers.

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