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Thanks for the explanation.  It really gaves me a good understand with how
the process works.  I will see if I can lock/unlock the field as necessary
as the user needs to ability to change the text.

Appreciate your help!

On Tue, Sep 7, 2010 at 1:38 PM, Mark Schonewille <
m.schonewille at> wrote:
> Hi Warren,
> It looks like the problem is not the selectedText but the mouseUp message.
Unlocked fields don't receive a mouseUp message when the user clicks in such
a field, but control-click and command-click do trigger a mouseUp message.
So, either you have to provide a way to lock and unlock the field as
necessary or you need to tell the user that control-click or command-click
will allow him or her to edit or process selected text.
> You can't have a field editable without allowing the user to drag text
around, but you can allow the user to select text without making the field
editable. If you lock the text but don't turn off the traversalOn, then the
text will be selectable but not editable. Or don't you want the user to be
able to select text? In this case, turn off the traversalOn too.
> If the lockText of a field is true and the traversalOn is tru too, you
will be able to click in a field and trigger the mouseUp message that way,
without pressing the command or control key.
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> On 7 sep 2010, at 19:59, Warren Kuhl wrote:
>> 1) I am trying to return the selected text in a field.  It looks like
>> this can only be done on locked text.  Is there anyway around this?
>> In the field I am trying:
>> on mouseup
>>   answer selectedtext()
>> end mouseup
>> The above is only true when the field is locked.
>> 2) do I prevent text to be dragable in a field?
>> Thanks for any help!
>> Warren
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