[OT] router + manual DHCP setting

Jim Ault jimaultwins at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 6 21:45:35 EDT 2010

Definitely not a Rev question, but there are some of my Rev apps  
working on this computer.

I have a remote Mac mini running OSX Leopard behind a Belkin router  
and would like to change from DHCP to DHCP using manual address.

The procedure i used was to go System Preferences:Network:Ethernet   
and change the drop down choice, enter '' then 'apply'   
and lost connection to the internet.  (the range used for active  
assignments is 2.2 thru 2.9, so it uses the lowest range of numbers)

Step 2 was to reboot the Mac, just in case, and still no internet.
Step 3 was chose 'DHCP', click 'apply' and regain internet connection.

Also tried   2.201   which is outside the default range for Belkin.

Is there a step I am missing.
The issue is this computer will run unattended most all the time and  
the LAN address reassignment can occur (like last weekend) and the  
computer is unreachable.

All is well for now, but ...
Thanks for any pointers.  Google did not seem to deliver an answer  
that worked.

Jim Ault
Las Vegas

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