[ANN] NativeDoc 1.6 update

Damien Girard dgirard at nativesoft.fr
Sun Oct 31 10:34:18 EDT 2010

Dear LiveCode users,

I am pleased to announce the release of NativeDoc 1.6.

This update is mainly about the templates, Javascript scripts has been
optimized in order to provide the best user experiences with NativeDoc
generated website.

Note: NativeDoc 1.6 is a free update.

-> NativeDoc 1.6 main changelog

- Fixed the bug with \seealso of a setprop/getprop
- Seealso handlers that does not exists are not displayed anymore in the
- Added a link to open directly the NativeDoc API inside the help center
- Fixed the bug that made NativeDoc not able to use stacks located in a
folder name that contained an "of" or an "id".
- New about screen :)
- NativeDoc now can be uninstalled from the "About" screen. (Button
- Templates are now based on JSTree 0.9.9a and jQuery 1.4.3. Make
documentation a bit smaller and faster.
- The default template is now the template without iFrame. This template is
working better with any browser.
- Templates are now looking far better on Linux.
- Internet Explorer 6 does not anymore use the Javascript tree, instead a
list is displayed.
- - If you must need the javascript tree with IE 6, use NativeDoc 1.5.1.

-> How to get NativeDoc 1.6 ?

Simply go to http://www.nativesoft.fr/download, or in RevOnline "NativeDoc
Web Installer".
Download the NativeDoc Web Installer stack, launch it, install NativeDoc,
restart LiveCode then start using NativeDoc 1.6.

Kind Regards,

Damien Girard
NativeSoft, France.

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