[OT] Browsing the internet... It is safer from Linux?

Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Sun Oct 31 02:58:35 EDT 2010

Peter Alcibiades wrote:

> I don't know if its safer than current versions of Windows 7 intelligently
> used.  It certainly is a lot safer than earlier versions of XP, used as they
> came out of the box.

Even as Dell gets bribed by MS to put those silly "We recommend Windows 
7" graphics on their site, they couldn't stop themselves from mentioning 
that they feel Ubuntu is actually safer:

Memo From Dell: Ubuntu Linux Is Safer Than Windows


> One reason is that desktop linux is a small population and so not being
> targeted.

Maybe, but maybe not:

Windows v Linux security: the real facts

> A second is when you do an install, it will obliged you to set up a root
> account and a lmited user account, and your limited user account will not be
> able to get at the system files.

That can be done on Mac and Win, but few users  bother and neither OS 
vendor does very much to educate their customers about why it's valuable.

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