Stress-testing SQLite

Lynn Fredricks lfredricks at
Sat Oct 30 13:46:06 EDT 2010

> 32TB db limit according to this:
> _management_systems#Limits

Charts like this, especially on Wikipedia should be taken with a grain of
salt. Feature comparisions (yes/no) I can appreciate, but when it comes to
capacity and performance, that's a bit different. There are some database
vendors that in their EULAs state you cannot publish performance data, and
also have sued some who have done so. 

My advice if you are considering entering a software product market that is
as mature as the database market - save yourself the hair loss and choose
another ;-)

In all fairness to all the databases in that list (Valentina can act like a
relational database, but it isnt there because it's a columnar database),
for many of them, the limits are theoretical and based on limitations of how
volumes work in file systems and operating systems.

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