How you modify SQL Lite tables which have many records?

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> Really, this is so limiting that it may be better to dump your database,
> recreate the new structure, and then re-import it, or do the second database
> thingummy, rather than try to modify the schema.


Modification of schema is pain ... And it was for years for many dbs.
E.g. I remember that 4D was not able also remove column from Table.

I remember that old good dbVista (network model) also was not able modify

Once dbVista expert user have to see Valentina db with its API -way (i.e.
NON-SQL) and said: wow! Valentina is like dbVista in many aspects but can
modify anything. 

** you can more or less easy massage db data if this is single db on your
computer. But what you will do if your Application (made with
REV/LiveCode/...)  have embedded db engine and should be able modify exists
hundreds users dbs on their side without you, when they get v2 version of

> And I looked up the limits in sqLite. Apparently the original idea was to have
> no limits, but people found that when you push sqLite to extremes, issues
> begin to crop up and security can break down. There are however, so far as I
> have been able to tell, no record limits for sqLite.

I think it is more accurate to say
     in theory it is possible to have ULONG (2^32 = 2 billions) records.

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