How you modify SQL Lite tables which have many records?

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Hi Bob,

> Well I wonder what the max record count is for sqLite? I hardly think it's
> millions of records! But I may be mistaken. Still, I fail to see why you HAVE
> to drop a column if you don't want it anymore. Granted it's kind of dirty to
> leave a heretofore unused column stranded in your schema, but it's not
> strictly necessary to remove it. Also, the order the columns are in is
> irrelevant. 

* Yes in theory possible UINT recs I think.

* If you do not drop column from table, you start waste space.

* but original task was add Foreign Key constraint to table.

> Mind you I am not defending or supporting sqLite as a good engine for large
> databases. I'm just saying, given the name sqLITE, you can't hope for full SQL
> compliance. 


Well, I know of course that SqlLite should not be used on db/tables over few
thousands of recs. 

Just after Valentina ...such limits for me sounds very not comfortable.

And I assume that RB/REV/Cocoa developers which use SqlLite in their apps
already have meet this limits and may be have comments, tricks ...

Usually next release of an application require improvements of db schema to
v2, v3, v4, ...   And users of that app can have (may be) big dbs.

For me then it sounds that user get APP v2, have big db, open it and wait
long long time while it converts tables, then do vacuum.

For Valentina db there is no such headache.  All changes are near to zero
time. One of reason - columnar format.

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