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Peter Alcibiades palcibiades-first at
Thu Oct 28 12:08:00 EDT 2010

Its a really simple application, its for a guy that I work with.  I would
really like for him to be able to write it and keep it going himself.  I am
lately rather seriously in the mode of lessening people's dependence on me
for this stuff.  What it is, he will have a large map on a big screen.  The
map will have various links on it, and people will click on them and find
stuff of interest, footpaths and routes, local history material, zoom in to
photographs and topics.  Navigate around.

It could run locally.  Except that everything else runs on a server, so it
would be nice if it were all in one place and accessible from anywhere on
the LAN, which is why it would be nice to run it as a browser plug in.  Or
it could be web pages, except that I will have to learn how to write proper
web applications myself, and then its also already clear he is going to have
real trouble coming up to speed on that.  Whereas I am almost sure he will
be able to put something together in Rev and will enjoy learning it.  

People pick this stuff up very easily with Rev and don't even realize they
are learning programming.  I spent an hour or so with him just using a
sample map, showed him how to put buttons on, how to make them do things,
how to make them vanish behind the map but still work.  He took to it like a
duck to water, and he started immediately to think of all kinds of stuff he
could do that he had not thought of trying because he thought it would be
very complicated and difficult but now he could see that it wasn't at all. 
Play bits of sound or movie clips, for instance, or contextual menus.

Its what the sadly defunct Media was perfect for, a sort of simple
multimedia authoring.  Oh well.  I guess it either has to be local, or we
have to find something else to do it in.  Pity.
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