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Thu Oct 28 11:24:52 EDT 2010


I'm surprised the app was accepted because it has the text "IPHONE TEST APP" on the background and Apple's submission guidelines specifically state that no 'test" apps should be submitted. It is a minor thing for sure and the app itself seems ready for prime time but I would be prepared that the next time an Apple tester reviews it (updates etc.) that they may reject the app with that background.


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On Oct 27, 2010, at 1:19 PM, Kevin Miller wrote:

> On 27/10/2010 18:14, "Colin Holgate" <coiin at> wrote:
>> It's a shame that it's not iPad too, because the multitouch works well. I got
>> 41 sheep on my iPhone and 58 on my iPad.
> There are lots of things we could add to this game. Really though the
> purpose of the application wasn't to use and support every last feature or
> produce a best seller, it was to get the binaries and associated data into
> the right format so that they would pass the submission process. Which they
> now have. We have another app that's a bit more sophisticated that should be
> going live any time now too.
> Kind regards,
> Kevin
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