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Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Wed Oct 27 09:12:31 EDT 2010

Richmond wrote:

> I want to have an end-user press the ENTER key, and NOT the RETURN key;
> and that is all "well and jolly" on most PC/Mac keyboards.
> BUT, on laptops this seems a "no-no" as there is no numeric keypad to
> the right of the qwerty/azerty
> part, and what should be the RETURN key seems to combine the functions
> of the RETURN and the
> ENTER keys . . .
> . . . Does anybody know of any way to get round this problem (and I
> don't mean remapping to some
> completely different key on the keyboard) . . . ???

Some laptops provide the option to use multi-combinations (like 
Function+Enter) to trigger the Return key code (Fn = Function).

I find that too annoying to do, so I've been redesigning some apps to 
eliminate distinctions between the two keys.

Yep, it isn't what I'd prefer but it's where we are.

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