Update database on server

Warren Kuhl warrenkuhl at gmail.com
Tue Oct 26 07:43:37 EDT 2010

I have some software that I hope to distribute at some point and am trying
to figure how how to develop the last piece.  While the user(s) is working
with the software, it collects information which I will use to further
enhance the software in future updates.  The information is not a large
amount of data (approx. 0 - 1000 characters of data).  What I need to do is
upload the data to either a MySQL database or as text files in a folder on
the server.  The update would be done when the user quits the software.

I am looking for any suggestions on the best way to do this as I have some

1) MySQL database or FTP text files to a folder (I can easily process the
data either way)?
2) Is there the potential of uploads being blocked by firewalls on the users
machine?  If so...how could I avoid this?

By the way...I am using RR v4.0

Thanks for any suggestions!

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